Rimac Nevera has toppled the Tesla Model S to become the fastest production EV in the world by hitting a top speed of 258mph

The Rimac Nevera electric hypercar has become the fastest production EV in the world after managing to attain a speed of 258mph on a test track in Germany. This comes a year after the Croatian hypercar clinched the title of the world’s fastest-accelerating production car with an independently verified 8.582-second quarter-mile run. Rimac chose Germany’s oval-shaped Automotive Testing Papenburg track for its two 2.9-mile-long straightaways which were crucial for the Nevera to hit speeds in excess of 250mph. To attain the record, the Nevera had to be in its stock form sold to customers, and without any kind of modifications. The hypercar was put into its top-speed mode and fitted with road-legal Michelin Cup 2R tires for the record-setting run.

Behind the wheel was Rimac’s chief test and development driver Miro Zrnčević.

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According to the official release, the electric hypercar was able to reach a speed of 155mph coming out of the banking, at which point Miro unleashed Nevera’s 1914 horsepower to hit a top speed of 258mph and set a new world record. “I’ve driven Nevera since it first turned a wheel and to see the perfectly honed car that is today is a really emotional moment,” Rimac’s chief test driver said in a statement. “The most important thing I have learned during the top-speed attempt is how composed and stable the car was—confirming that our aerodynamics and vehicle dynamics teams have done an amazing job.”

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Interestingly, Rimac had set a top speed target of 258mph when the hypercar was first showcased in its concept form at the Geneva Motor Show in 2018. It’s astonishing how accurately they were able to predict Nevera’s top speed by running virtual simulations. It’s important to note that the customer cars are delivered with an electronically limited top speed of 219mph.

However, the owners will get the chance to experience the hypercar’s true top speed at special events with support from the Rimac team and under controlled conditions.

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