The final Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ has been delivered to its owner, bringing Chiron’s production run closer to its end

Bugatti has announced that the very last example of the Super Sport 300+ has been delivered to its owner, marking the end of the 30-unit production run of the 300mph-conquering hypercar. The $4 million Super Sport 300+ was announced in September 2019 as a tribute to the Chiron’s record-breaking 304.77mph run around the Ehra-Lessien test track. To achieve the unbelievable feat, Bugatti engineers had to specially design a completely new thermal management system for the engine and gearbox along with new software for the primary ECU. While it is powered by the same quad-turbo 8.0-liter W16 engine as the standard Chiron that produces 1578 horsepower, it gets a tweaked, longtail body for improved aerodynamics at higher speeds. Although, the production-spec model comes fitted with a speed limiter that restricts the top speed to 273mph. Back in 2021, the French hypercar maker released a set of pictures of the initial batch of eight completed Super Sport 300+ cars.

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Earlier this year in January, Bugatti announced that all the 500 units of Chiron’s promised production run have been sold and deliveries will continue into 2022 as the last remaining cars are hand-built at its factory in Molshem, France. This paves the way for Chiron’s successor that’s expected to make its public debut in 2024. However, the hypercar manufacturer will preview the upcoming model to a group of patrons and wealthy potential clients to secure early bookings. Not a lot of information is available on the Chiron’s replacement, but the next Bugatti will reportedly be powered by a heavily electrified combustion engine, as confirmed by the company’s new boss Mate Rimac. “The easiest thing for us would be to take the Nevera and slam a Bugatti logo on it and call it a day. But I was against it. I’m an electric car guy, but a Bugatti should still have a combustion engine for some time,” Rimac said in an interview.

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