The Koeignesegg Regera probably has the coolest key fob in the world

The $2 million Koenigsegg Regera that was launched at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show is truly an engineering marvel. Created by the Swedish marque as a more practical, luxurious, grand touring alternative to the hardcore Agera RS and One:1, the Regera is claimed by its makers as the most powerful and fastest accelerating production car ever. But beyond all its mind-bending performance figures and the impressive tech it packs under the hood, the Regera also comes with some nifty features – like its interesting key fob. The key fob for the Regera looks similar to the ones that come along with other Koenigsegg supercars, but it allows the owner of a Regera to operate what the company calls ‘Autoskin’ function.

The Autoskin function on the Regera lets its owners open and close the front luggage door, the rear engine cover door and both passenger and driver doors via the key fob. The system uses lightweight hydraulics, soft-close mechanisms and proximity sensors to operate the doors in an effortless and fluid motion making it look absolutely fantastic to watch. “People often comment on our cars looking spectacular when all the doors of the vehicle are open,” said Christian von Koenigsegg. “Our new Autoskin system enhances this, adding a new level of beauty, practicality and sophistication to the most exciting new hypercar in the world – the Koenigsegg Regera.”

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The key fob also has an appropriately named dedicated button called ‘Show Mode’ that opens all doors and raise the rear spoiler on the Regera all at the same time. If that’s not all, Koenigsegg also gives its owners the option to get their key fob for the Regera customized in platinum and diamonds, making it the most expensive key fob in the world. Just to give you some context, the special key fob costs more than a Lamborghini. You can watch popular social media celebrity Alex Hirschi, who goes by the name of Supercar Blondie, give a demonstration of the Regera key fob and the Autoskin function at this year’s Geneva Motor Show.

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