The latest for private jets – Take a look inside the world’s first-ever flying nursery which comes complete with a double bed, starlit ceiling, a mini rocking horse and a lot more

People always go above and beyond for their kids. Parents today stop at nothing when it comes to their children and giving them the best. But what is the definition of best? Maybe something like the world’s first flying nursery showcases the height of luxury and the height of providing your kids with the absolute best there is. FlyEliteJets has teamed up with Jenny Allen Interior Design, to create the world’s first Flying Nursery. A lot of parents fly with nanny’s in tow but even that doesn’t keep their screaming kids calm and in check. The experience of traveling long haul flights with kids is the most stressful one for parents. Hence the idea to completely transform the interiors from cramped up and dull to something that’s custom made keeping kids and their choices in mind is the only successful way to go. This is a dream come true for the ultra-rich who frequently fly transcontinental routes in private jets. In recent times there’s been a surge of VVIP airliners using FlyEliteJets aircraft for weekends and holidays away with their families which led FlyEliteJets CEO, Christopher Williams-Martin to coin this warm, welcoming and inviting space for parents and their kids on board. While traveling in the world’s first flying nursery you can rest assured that parents, kids and nannies will lose track of time and travel with the utmost comfort much like home. The innovative Flying Nursery design includes a starlit ceiling, embossed teddy motives on the headrests, padded bulkheads, a mini rocking horse, wigwam with cloud cushions along with a sofa that converts into a double bed. They have also provided shelves for children’s toys and books, games consoles for older children as well as three TVs. this space is designed for the whole family to enjoy.

The COVID pandemic has made parents anxious who would not want to risk their child’s health and has created a surge in demand for chartered flights. As award-wining designer Jenny puts it: “With our in-house CGI team and design services we can offer clients the full package with jet customization. The world’s first flying nursery is just the start.”

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[Via: Luxury Lifestyle Magazine]

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