The McLaren 675LT Spider crawls into our wish lists

The Geneva Motor Show played host to a number of hot wheels but among them was one that truly caught our attention. The McLaren 675LT Spider entered the ring with on-track readiness that would be anyone’s envy. Many say it is the fastest car with an open top and this seems to be a legit claim as it is built for performance as much as it is for irresistible good looks.

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There will be only 500 units of the McLaren 675LT Spider. Performance seems to be the key aspect of the car thanks to a 3.8-liter twin turbo V8 powertrain that sets the LT (Longtail) segment apart. You can now enjoy 675 horsepower at 7100 rpm and 700 Nm of torque between 5,000 – 6,000 rpm. It can easily do a 0-100 kmph in 2.9 seconds and reach 200 kmph in just over 8 seconds. The top speed is 326 kmph.
The top of the car can be opened at speeds of 30 kmph to take in the sunshine as the beast slices through mortar and air. The car weighs just 89 pounds more than its coupe sibling, the McLaren 675LT coupe. It will be priced at about $372,600.



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