With a hidden Bugatti Chiron, this ultra-luxurious $7.7 million motorhome comes complete with a $355k sound system, full kitchen, lavish bedroom, and a rain shower with a starry roof.

Volkner, the German land-yacht maker, debuted its latest model, the $7.7 million Volkner Performance S 2021 motorhome, and it put even the best mobile homes with all the mod cons of 21st-century living to shame. The 18-ton, 39-foot-long vehicle is undoubtedly a luxury penthouse suite on wheels that can accommodate your supercars such as a Bugatti Chiron or just about any other in its special compartment with ease. The Performance S model was launched in 2019, but the 2021 version is outfitted in fantastic, astonishingly expensive fashion. Take a look at the impressive interiors below:

The land yacht is fashioned by Volkner from a base layout on a 460-hp Volvo or 430-hp Mercedes-Benz chassis, which alone costs $1.8 million. As per the client’s preferences, further customized to the interiors and budget are made.

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2021 is outrageously lavish not just in performance and interiors, but it outdoes its benchmark by offering a Bugatti Chiron in the patented Volkner garage. The Bugatti Chiron adds some $3 million to the final price tag and turns Performance S into the world’s most expensive motorhome.

When the supercar is away, the hydraulic platform can be used as a veranda for outdoor dining. The same garage also offers storage for two fat-tire e-bikes, and there’s a separate compartment for two more bikes.

The lavish living room looks like it comes straight from a five-star hotel. The opulently done lounge area also doubles up as a dining room upfront. You will find a glossy “BrilliantDark” interior finish combined with glass doors and an optional $354,000 sound system.

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Seen in the living area are a full kitchen, a full dry bathroom, and the bedroom in the back. The splendid Performance S also houses a shower room with a rain shower and starry roof.

The luxe motorhome comes with multi-zone heating, an impressive industrial-grade kitchen, a computer workspace to help with a work-life balance while on the road, and vast amounts of storage space in the bedroom and dining cabinetry.

Every element of the motorhome oozes elegance. Classy storage units are coupled with bathroom fittings of refined taste, as seen in the image.

[Via: Volkner]

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