Bugatti Chiron may get the worlds most expensive sunroof

Bugatti has shown no intent till date to introduce an open-top variant of the Chiron. However, the potential customers who want a view of the sky while driving the $3million hypercar can now option their Chiron with the next best thing. Bugatti revealed on Wednesday that it has developed a new twin-panel glass roof for its Chiron, calling it the “Sky View.” The optional extra puts two fixed glass panels on the roof. The panels are made of four layers that are laminated together with mild tint to filter out ultraviolet light along with ultra-violet rays to keep the temperature inside the cabin cool. The multi-layer design also cuts out excess wind noise.

Each of the Sky View’s glass panels measures 65 centimeters long and 44 centimeters wide. The added advantage of the Sky View is that it increases the headroom by 1.06 inches (2.7 centimeters). The Sky View roof is available for Chiron buyers to order now and the carmaker will showcase it for the first time at the Monterey Car Week in late August. The Bugatti Chiron with the Sky View option won’t be the only novelty that will make its debut there. Bugatti will also reveal the $5.8 million Bugatti Divo at the show.


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