The Narke GT95 is a $47,000 electric jet ski that will be the perfect companion for your Tesla Cybertruck

If you’re one of those who put down a deposit for the Tesla Cybertruck, here’s something to match your outlandish electric pickup (if and when that arrives). Meet the Narke GT95, an electric jet ski with a design that will remind you of the Cybertruck. It was 2014 when Narke started work on an eco-conscious personal watercraft with electric propulsion. The company launched the first generation electrojet called the Narke GT45 in 2018 at the Cannes Yachting Festival, which according to Narke, was sold out almost immediately. Over the last two years, Narke has fine-tuned the electrojet and updated it with a range of improvements. The Narke GT95 features an all-new carbon-fiber-reinforced hull design. The powerful electric motor fitted to the jet ski produces 95 horsepower, reflected in the name.

The electric motor gets its power from a 24 kWh battery pack that can fast-charge to full in just 1.5 hours. Using a standard household socket takes about six hours to top-up the battery. The battery cell is big enough to give it a range of 31 miles, which is quite good for a jet ski. According to Narke, the GT95 has a top speed of 43mph. The electric jet ski measures 13 feet in length and can accommodate up to three people. The hull design of the watercraft features deflection technology to make the ride stable and smooth for operators of nearly any skill level. The GT95 also features a customizable 7-inch display that tracks the charge level, mileage, distance from the port, and water temperature. It can also take incoming calls. The GT95 is available to order now and is priced at $47,000.

[Available at Narke]

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