The top 5 superyacht pools

From the latest gadgetry to an extra foot or two in length, competition for the most extravagant superyacht is continuously developing the industry. Nowhere is grandeur and class exuded so majestically, however, as it is through on-board swimming pools. We’ve compiled a list of five of our favourite swimming pools that can be found on superyachts:

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1. M/Y Serene
A technological marvel, M/Y Serene boasts three state of the art swimming pools: the first is a vast sea water swimming pool which nestles in the superyachts interior and can be adapted to be used for tender docking; the second of which incorporates jet stream technology; while the third doubles as a helipad. Bathers are spoiled for choice!

2. M/Y Reborn
The sundeck of the 76m M/Y REBORN emanates luxury and class, primarily because of the well-appointed sunken pool that takes pride of place. The 6m swimming pool treats bathers to the warm touch of glorious sunshine and incorporates a resistance training facility, thus doubling a relaxing environment as a quality fitness facility.

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3. M/Y Martha Ann
The large swimming pool on the deck of M/Y MARTHA ANN is integrated with a state of the art bar and provides the perfect location for relaxing afternoons under the sun. The pool illuminates the whole deck under the veil of night, casting a magical glow over the expansive decking. Leaving the pool, bathers are treated to a magnificent view of the ocean.

baton rouge
4. M/Y Baton Rouge
M/Y Baton Rouge comes complete with an over-sized spa pool, with a built-in swim jet, spaced between two vast sunbeds. After exiting the pool, bathers can relax immediately in the warmth of the sun, with an expansive view over the stern of the vessel. The elegant layout of the pool adds to the majesty of the whole superyacht.

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5. M/Y TV
Bathers are not only treated to a luxurious contra flow pool on M/Y TV, but a 16-person Jacuzzi complements the facility. Moreover, an integrated bar neighbours the pool, thus completing an ideal area for entertaining the family or guests. The space seamlessly merges the brightness of the outdoors with the comfort of an interior space.

This lavish selection of on-board superyacht pools is enough to lure everyone into the water, with each facility offering different qualities to the next. Whether indoors or outdoors, this selection of pools epitomises the best qualities of luxury superyacht cruising: comfort, elegance, enjoyment and majesty.

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