Saudi billionaire Prince Turki bin Muqrin Al Saud has taken delivery of the world’s largest sportfishing yacht. Named ‘Special One,’ the $70 million luxury vessel has six decks and is engineered for such speed that it can easily outrun even the newest US Navy destroyer.

Image - Tom van Oossanen / Royal Huisman

Something special just happened, quite literally. The largest sportfishing yacht in the world, Special One, has been delivered to her regal owner, Saudi Prince Turki bin Muqrin Al Saud. After successfully completing sea trials, the Royal Huisman yacht departed from the shipyard in the Netherlands on her maiden voyage. The 171-foot Special One boasts six decks of opulence and grandeur, seamlessly married to perfection by Dutch studio Vripack. The long bow and high bulwarks give the Special One yacht a truly distinct look.

Image – Tom van Oossanen / Royal Huisman

This $70 million sportfishing vessel is crafted to delight its experienced owner, who harbors a deep passion for sportfishing. With technological advancements and the capability to sail at over 30+ knots, it truly stands out. Formerly known as Project 406, the 171-footer outshines pleasure crafts like Mark Zuckerberg’s $300 million Launchpad yacht and surpasses most superyachts, which typically have a top speed of around 24 knots.

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Image – Tom van Oossanen / Royal Huisman

Jan Timmerman, CEO of Royal Huisman, said, “The delivery of Project 406 is a testament to our commitment to delivering unique and bespoke superyachts. The individual aspirations and challenges of our motor yacht milestone projects were well outside the comfort zone of other yards. This motor yacht project showcases our ability to create custom solutions that perfectly align with our client’s vision. We are excited to see Special One embark on her journey and provide unforgettable experiences to her owner: the ultimate expression of personal freedom.”

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About Special One owner, Prince Turki bin Muqrin Al Saud:

Born in 1973, Prince Turki is the nephew of King Salman of Saudi Arabia. In addition to his deep fondness for sport fishing, he is a pilot, businessman, and the CEO of Rabigh Wings Aviation Academy (RWAA). The 51-year-old licensed helicopter and fixed-wing pilot also founded aviation schools in the United Kingdom and Lebanon. The royal businessman owns a real-estate company in Turkey.

Note – As per the US Navy the top speed of a Zumwalt-class destroyer is 30 knots.

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