The ultimate companion for a billionaire’s yacht – These support vessels are specially built to carry submarines and a host of other water toys.

Leisure submersibles have become very popular with yacht owners over the last few years thanks to the unique experience they are capable of offering. Companies like Triton have a range of really capable and high-tech submarines that can dive into the depths of the oceans, exploring the beauty of the underwater world. The only problem is that they are sometimes a little too big to fit the tender garage of yachts. Roam Boats has introduced a new line of twin-hulled support vessels named Shadow that is meant for thrill-seeking yacht owners who are restricted by the size of their vessel’s tender garage to accommodate all their water toys. Described as the “ultimate toy carrier,” the Roam Shadow support yacht is available in two different sizes: 24 meters and 27 meters. Both versions are purpose-built to carry toys, tenders, and other vehicles that cannot be accommodated by the mothership.

The aft deck of the Roam Shadow support vessel has an open area of 124 sqm which is big enough to fit a submarine, multiple jet skis, and large tenders. The vessel also has an integrated crane to launch and recover all the water toys. It also has a hydraulic platform with a load capacity of around 2200 lbs. that can be raised and lowered for launching items without the need for a crane. In addition to that, the Roam Shadow also has a fully-enclosed indoor space for additional storage, which can be used as a tender garage or converted into a gym.

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The company which operates under the umbrella of Superyacht Tenders and Toys also has collaborated with personal submarine specialist U-Boat Worx for the Roam Shadow. The Shadow support vessel can be ordered with a two-seat NEMO submarine. The leisure submarine weighs around 5000 lbs. and features a design with dimensions perfect for a superyacht. The submarine’s compact size ensures it requires less storage space than a pair of jet skis. The Shadow gets a pair of Volvo Penta D13-IPS engines for propulsion which are capable of producing 1,350 hp each. The powertrain can help the vessel cruise at speeds of 18 mph and reach a top speed of 25 mph.

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Josh Richardson, CEO of ROAM, explains that “there is no comparable set of vessels designed for the adventurous owner who wishes to go off the beaten track and explore. Whatever the weather, wherever it is being used there is no better tender or yacht support vessel for delivering the adventure.”

[Via: BOAT International]

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