Purrr – The worlds first Hello Kitty car tires are here

What Mickey Mouse is to Disney, Hello Kitty is for Sanrio, and perhaps even bigger. Since its birth in 1974 the feline has amassed fans across the globe. So much is the fandom that there is even a Hello Kitty airline which flies themed aircraft from Taiwan to the US and Japan. The birthplace of most of the merchandise is Sanrio Expo, where every year in Osaka, Japan the company showcases the newest and upcoming merchandise of its characters and leading the pack is Hello Kitty. Along with the usuals this year the expo unveiled the worlds first Hello Kitty car tire. Manufactured by Nexan tires, it is also the worlds first character themed automobile tire.

Along with the Hello Kitty logo the face parts – nose, whiskers and eyes are laser etched on the tire and painted in pink. A true treat for Hello Kitty fans, the company the tire would be hitting stores later in the summer of 2018. The pricing is not known yet, but if the demand is right the company will also work on tires for sportscars. Nothing like seeing a pink Nissan GTR with Hello Kitty tires. Given the popularity of Hello Kitty in North America, South Asian and Europen markets the company is considering launching the product in those markets as well.

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