The Global Express XRS business jet from Bombardier now on sale

An amazing new baby for your hangar is up for grabs! This time it’s a luxury business jet by Bombardier called the Global Express XRS, which features a Rolls Royce BR710A2-20 Turbofans engine. Designed to carry between 8-19 passengers and a crew between 2 to 4 members, based on the interiors you pick, the jet can fly with ease anywhere you wish to go. The jet consists of an entry area, a forward cabin, a mid-cabin, an aft cabin, an aft lavatory zone, baggage compartment, and cabin support systems. The jet is well equipped with Rockwell Collins VHF-4000 COMM radios to establish communication links with 8.33 kHz spacing, Future Air Navigation System (FANS), and pilot-to-pilot communications, among other devices.

The entertainment systems include three multi-region CD/DVD players, with a high quality sound arrangement and two bulkhead-mounted 21.3 inch LCD video monitors for the passenger cabins. Lets just hope you manage top disembark from the flight that promises so much lavishness!

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