The Phil Pauley designs new cruise line to hit the seas in ultimate style

Can a luxury cruise liner please everyone ? The answer is a resounding yes if the cruise liner you are looking at is the new Phil Pauley line up. On offer are four options to cater to individual choice: Yacht Cruiser, Sub Cruiser, Fly Cruiser, and Power Cruiser. And each comes with its state of the art luxury.

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The Yacht Cruiser offers 7 Star luxury from top to bottom. But what makes these liners stand out from the competition is their open plan for contemporary living style. The Party Deck System, for example, is a huge open deck for a wide range of sports and social applications. If speed, comfort, and open-air freedom are the stuff of your wet dream, then the Power Cruiser is for you. This stunning and cutting-edge design responds to your emotions and will exceed expectations.
All said the price will be equally alluring.

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