The SmartSub four.2 is the best toy for your superyacht

If you prefer the high seas to flying high, then I bet you have a lot of yachts to fulfil your fantasies. But if you don’t have toys to play with when sailing, it’s time to stock up! The latest in the offing is The SmartSub four.2, a two-person submersible that complies with the Class Societies’ rules. And if you have never driven a submarine before, there is always a first time! Designed and produced by DMS-Netherlands,, you can use the superyacht toy even on the support vessels. If you wanted to explore the sea bed, you need something more serious, as this baby can dive only to a depth of 160 feet.

The sub can be rode with electronically controlled water ballast, a special air system and thrusters. The controls are available on touch panels available to both the pilot and passenger. If electronics fail, you can operate the sub manually too!

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