These Vespa inspired z-scooters are making Segways cool again

There’s no denying that Segways, the precursors to hoverboards, have gained a reputation for being hopelessly touristy and uncool. But Barcelona based Bel&Bel Studio, may have found a way to make them fun again. The studio drew inspiration from the classic Vespa scooters to create these scooter/Segway mashups that promise to be endlessly charming.

From the front, the Segway could easily be mistaken for those iconic Italian scooters, but a sideways look reveals that all it not what it seems!

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Bel & Bel are calling it the z-scooter and it can move as fast as 20km/h for a 35km distance on a single charge.

Just like a standard Segway, users will lean forward to accelerate and lean back to slow down. The handles can be used to turn left or right. Unlike other Segways though, this one allows you to connect to your Apple or Android devices using a Bluetooth app. A small stand allows it remain stable when “parked”.

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Each z-scooter is priced at around €5,950 or roughly $6,994 at current exchange. They come with a 2 year warranty and customers can choose from a wide variety of attractive colors.