This BMW electric adventure motorcycle concept comes with its own drone that will help you navigate and even keep you safe from lurking wild animals

The future of transportation will be a lot different than what we see today. As we continue to transition towards electric automobiles, there will be greater stress on things such as shared mobility and autonomous driving. While it will make the whole system a whole lot safer and efficient, what we’ll lose is the sheer pleasure of driving as the next-generation of eco-friendly connected cars will have a significantly less emotional connection with the driver or its occupants. This problem will be a lot more pronounced in the case of motorcycling as the urban setup of the cities in the future will have very little to offer in the form of having fun riding a motorbike and enjoying the freedom it offers. An India-based designer named Neeraj Jawale believes that electric adventure biking will be one of the very few ways to experience the thrill and freedom of riding a motorcycle in the future. Jawale has created a BMW adventure motorbike concept that gives us a sneak peek into the future of two-wheelers.

Designed for thrill-seekers and adventure lovers, the BMW D-05T concept motorcycle leverages the advancement in technology without forgoing the deep-rooted emotional connection between man and his machine. The electric motorcycle features technology that can create a detailed plan for the next adventure trip based on the inputs of the riders who’ve already explored the terrain. The range of an electric automobile is its biggest limiting factor. The designer proposes to tackle the challenge of service hubs located in remote locations that will swap out the drained battery for a fully-charged one. These hubs will also offer travel essentials so that the rider can choose to travel light without having to carry them all the time. Interestingly, the motorcycle also gets magnetic holders to attach accessories such as detachable storage easily. However, the BMW adventure bike highlight is a drone that will work a lot like a flying R2-D2 droid. The drone can help navigate in real-time by giving details of the terrain ahead from the sky and taking stunning videos and pictures of you. Additionally, the drone will turn into a watchdog at night and alarm you about approaching predators in the woods. We aren’t sure how soon will something like this BMW concept bike will become a reality, but it sure looks cool.

[Via: Yanko Design]

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