This private submarine is the best way for a billionaire and 8 of his pals to explore the depths of the ocean.

Image - Uboatworx

Have legs? Walk. Have money? Splurge! And if youre hitting the bottom of the seas might as well be in a cool-looking Nexus by U-Boat Worx. The new nine-person model is the latest contraption to join the already incredible line-up of deep-diving subs. What sets this model apart from its predecessors is 25 percent more interior space and excellent performance. Nexus can operate for 18 hours, diving up to 10 times a day without huffing and puffing.

Image – Uboatworx

The unique elliptical acrylic pressure hull and revolving seating arrangement appear like passengers are geared to enjoy a movie under the sea. Needless to say, there is no better, uninterrupted way of enjoying the rich marine animals that you would encounter. The ten silent thrusters onboard Nexus are simply controlled via the Manta Controller. Passengers can use this joystick arrangement under pilot supervision.

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Image – Uboatworx

Entering and leaving the submersible is easy as Nexus is outfitted with an extra-large hatch. In addition to the above, passengers stand on the submarine’s deck owing to top-mounted diving tanks and concealed floaters. An elevator-like lifting device raises passengers in and out one at a time.

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