5 upcoming futuristic yachts that billionaires across the world are excited for

The superyacht industry is found upon the crossroads of design where the world’s most demanding clientele and the world’s most ambitious engineers meet. The result is an industry that is perpetually evolving and leading the way for innovation, driven by an insurmountable pride and passion to create the most unique yacht design. We look at 5 of the most creative superyacht manufacturers of today for the yacht designs of tomorrow.

X R-evolution
Stefano Pastrovich, founder of Studio Pastrovich, boldly declared, “if you don’t try new ideas and attempt something daring, you definitely won’t advance” before adding “I want to build something that will leave an impression on the next generation”. He certainly left an impression on the superyacht world with his concept, the 77m X R-evolution. This extraordinary yacht features deployable apartments that are stored and then launched aft of the vessel. In his search for a solution to guest privacy problems on board, Pastrovich found inspiration in the structure of beehives. Like beehives, X R-evolution comprises of several carbon fibre islands that can be ejected from the vessel to serve as floating gardens, sundecks or otherwise, in a realm of endless possibility.

ISA Yachts
ISA Yachts are leading the way in the drastic re-conception of modern superyachts. Where ISA Yachts feel that outdoor space has been neglected in recent years for the benefit of improved indoor spaces, the Italian yacht builders have designed superyachts Route 66 and Yara 44 to curb the trend. Indeed their vision was shared by many at the 2014 Fort Lauderdale Boat Show where these two superyachts were recently presented to critical acclaim. The 66m Route 66 and 44m Yara 44 share a unique layout on the main deck that allows for 50% more usable outdoor space than traditional designs without compromising on the quality of the indoor facilities. A series of sliding and folding glass panels can be retracted or deployed to convert interior lounge areas into outdoor living spaces and vice versa, offering its guests a truly customisable yacht experience unique to the industry.

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Circle Yachts
Dame Zaha Hadid is a world-renowned architect, propelled into fame after she became the first female winner of the Pritzker Architecture prize in 2004, which she followed up by designing the iconic Aquatics centre at the London 2012 games. She has since turned her hand to creating superyachts. Coincidentally, her Blohm+Voss superyacht bears more than some resemblance to another famous sporting arena. A mesh of intertwining loops and curves akin to the Beijing Olympic stadium covers the exterior of this beautiful vessel. Her design has been fondly compared to a skeleton and includes a 128m mothership and five other 90m “unique circle yachts”. The exterior latticework of each of these smaller yachts can be tailored to future buyers’ preferences.

Eduard Gray’s Xhibitionist is a design that may revolutionise the way superyachts are used and manufactured. With the express intention of hosting events and exhibitions for up to 600 guests, this 70m concept yacht powered by a futuristic diesel-electric hybrid system is set to become a reality within two years. Depending on the event being hosted aboard the Xhibitionist, the yacht’s layout can be reconfigured appropriately. For instance, “Guest Mode” automatically deploys a Steinway piano to welcome invitees for parties or receptions. Meanwhile, “Retail Mode” erects partitions around which different vendors can operate and “Showroom Mode” creates interior space for cars and other large displays to be exhibited in a glamorous setting. Among these impressive features is a 350-seat restaurant; a conference room, catwalk and fashion show facilities as well as a nightclub, casino and bar. However its most prized asset is the concealable platform at the yacht’s bow, comprising of four panels that combine to make a helipad with room for three helicopters or a stage area for bands and live performances.

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It is said that inspiration comes from the most unlikely sources. Lujac Desautel would certainly testify to that having modelled his unique cuboid superyacht on Lego. Glass, which featured at the 2014 Boat International Young Designer of the Year, is a 5,600sq ft yacht designed to a modular structure and featuring floor to ceiling glass across its three tiers reaching a height of fifty foot above the water. Glass’ unusual yacht structure is able to float thanks to a pontoon-like base that uses SWATH technology (Small Water-plane Area Twin Hull) whereby two long tapered runners form the hull on each side of the vessel. The design resembles a penthouse atop a swanky urban high-rise more than any yacht, which is precisely why Glass is tipped for a bright future in the yacht industry.

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