Urus is Lamborghini’s answer to Ferrari’s Enzo

Lamborghini is one of those many companies founded to compete against Ferrari purely. This rivalry has ensured that the buyers and auto lovers are adorned with legendary machines. Cars UK has reported that Lamborghini is developing a new car model named the Urus to compete with Ferrari’s next Enzo (the Ferrari FX70 beater) apart from Murcielago replacement called the Jota. Slated to a modified version of the Jota, the Urus will have a carbon-fiber body. Unlike the Jota, it will come with active aerodynamics, having both aluminum and carbon fiber parts in its body. Both the cars will have a similar 6.0-liter V12 engine.

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The Urus engine will get it worked up to close to 800 hp, while the Jota will lag with about 700 hp. This means the Urus is likely to hit the 0 to 100 km/h sprint time in 3.0 seconds.
While the Jota is expected to be launched in 2010, the Urus will probably come in by 2011 and be available for purchase only by 2012.

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