Video – An extra ignorant Ferrari owner tries pulling off donuts in front of the cops – Justice takes it course

A big percentage of supercars are often snapped up by the ultra-rich who don’t care more about the bragging rights that come with their prized possession than the machine’s performance and capabilities – a reason why most of these high-performance cars spend less time zipping around race tracks and are rather seen near city centers, busy making a statement. London’s supercar season is pretty much the best example to demonstrate the phenomenon, where rich brats from the Middle East come to the UK during the summer with their expensive toys. They often end up creating huge traffic jams and become a headache for the authorities. However, a video from India that recently went viral on the internet takes things up a notch. In the video, a red-colored Ferrari convertible can be seen trying to pull donuts in the middle of a busy intersection; but the most bizarre thing is a police car can be seen in the video with the cops as mute spectators.

The incident happened in the Indian city of Kanpur when a group of supercars was out on the streets for a joy ride. The red supercar – what appears to be a Ferrari Portofino – ended up blocking the traffic at an intersection, helped by private security who can be seen in the video in black attire physically blocking the other cars. According to a report by Hindustan Times, the Ferrari owner was later arrested by the police after the video became viral and even the Ferrari was impounded. What’s hilarious is the fool driving the Ferrari who created a ruckus at the intersection miserably failed at pulling off donuts. After all, money can buy you expensive cars but class and skills, definitely not.

[Via: Hindustan Times]

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