Video – Someone actually got a $250,000 Ferrari wedged against the walls of a narrow Italian alleyway

Ferrari Roma is the Italian marque’s entry-level GT car that came out in 2019. The Ferrari Portofino-based GT model’s design features plenty of retro touches and is named after Italy’s capital – Rome. However, like many of Europe’s old cities, Rome has narrow lanes paved with cobblestones, which is exactly why scooters and tiny cars like the Fiat 500 are popular with most people living in such cities. Living with a Ferrari Roma in Rome might not be a good idea; it can lead to disastrous and costly mistakes. Case in point, a video has emerged on YouTube that shows a Ferrari Roma stuck in a narrow alleyway in Italy, wedged stuck against the walls.

We aren’t sure if the video is from Rome, as the video’s title only states that it’s was shot in Italy. But it could very well be from the capital city of Italy, which would at least give the story the poetic twist it deserves. Most supercars these days have such a massive footprint that they feel too big for most cities. But driving them in the narrow lanes of old European cities is pure stupidity. The trio of Jeremey Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May have been pulling off this stunt for years for their Top Gear and later The Grand Tour episodes. But there’s always a massive production team accompanying them, and all such television stunts are carefully choreographed. But in this video, you can see an older gentleman try haplessly to guide the Roma driver to steer the Ferrari free. The video doesn’t go on to show the outcome, but we’re pretty sure the Ferrari wasn’t out of its trouble quickly; we can even imagine a few very badly scrapped Roma fenders. What a fool!

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