Montblanc has collaborated with Ferrari to create a $27,500 pen inspired by the Daytona SP3 supercar

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The last time when Montblanc teamed up with Ferrari back in 2021, the collaboration spawned a beautiful collection of pens that paid tribute to Enzo Ferrari. The two iconic brands have joined hands once again to create another co-branded writing instrument. This time around, the special edition pen honors the Italian manufacturer’s newest model in the Icona range: the Ferrari Daytona SP3. Behold the Montblanc Ferrari Stilema SP3 Limited Edition, which was co-designed under the direction of Ferrari Chief Design Officer Flavio Manzoni.

Images – Montblanc

“While a writing instrument has a completely different function and construction to a car, our aim was to create a writing instrument that perfectly aligned with the philosophy and design language of the Prancing Horse, even before its technical qualities were revealed. Together with Flavio, we have defined a new family of writing instruments that seamlessly merge both Ferrari and Montblanc identities, pushing boundaries of design and innovation within our respective industries,” said Nicolas Baretzki, Montblanc CEO.

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Images – Montblanc

The first thing you’ll notice is its unique design which represents a brand-new shape for the Montblanc writing instruments. The Ferrari-themed writing instrument replicates the Daytona SP3’s attention-grabbing design with its aerodynamic and fluid shape. In fact, the Stilema SP3 features plenty of interesting styling elements that are all inspired by the limited edition Ferrari supercar. The pen’s cap and barrel are both crafted out of lightweight titanium, something which is rarely seen in Montblanc writing instruments. The angle of the cap top captures the design of the Ferrari Daytona SP3’s nose, while the lined accents on the forepart and barrel are inspired by the blades on the car’s bumpers.

Images – Montblanc

The pen’s Au 750 solid white gold nib is crafted by hand in over 30 steps and features a special “SP3” engraving. Additionally, the iconic Ferrari Prancing Horse logo is also laser etched on the cap. The highlight of the limited edition pen is the newly positioned ink-filling mechanism that features a completely new structure for Montblanc. Crafted in solid white gold for this edition, it stays hidden beneath a red, semi-transparent blade through the titanium barrel and can only be revealed by pulling the blade back.

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Images – Montblanc

“It was a fascinating design challenge to translate the proportions and fluidity of the Daytona SP3, ideally contoured for dynamic performance and incredible speeds, to a writing instrument without sacrificing on the quality of the writing experience. Our focus was not only on fluidity of the form but also of function, emphasizing the exceptional sensation of holding a high-calibre fountain pen. Not only is the ink fluid, but the pen supports the rapid movements of the hand as it writes, allowing thoughts to flow unimpeded,“ explained Manzoni. Just like the supercar it is inspired by, the writing instrument is limited to just 599 pieces worldwide and pirced at $27,500.

The Ferrari Daytona SP3
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