Watch: Police crush a $280K Ferrari 458 Spider confiscated from a rogue businessman

If you’re a, or a diehard Ferrari fan, you should probably look away, because what you are about to witness is a pristine 458 Spider get horrifyingly butchered to death. A millionaire from the UK named Zahid Khan had his white colored Ferrari 458 Spider seized by police last year, and now a set of videos of the Italian beauty being crushed at a junkyard has emerged online. The whole thing started when Khan famously parked the Ferrari on the pavement outside Birmingham Crown Court during a trial he was taking part in, which sparked outrage from within. Weeks later, the wealthy businessman was pulled over by police and Ferrari was seized on the suspicion that it was a stolen car.

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Khan then got into a legal battle with the authority to get his car by claiming he was the rightful owner and sourced all the parts used in the car from official sources. To prove his legal ownership of the car, Khan went to the court with the necessary documents, but it was too late by then. He learned that the police had already crushed the Ferrari while he was fighting to get it back. The West Midlands Police revealed the car was destroyed because it had no valid insurance and was a Category B vehicle. Cars deemed to be of that category are officially classed as un-roadworthy, meaning the shell has to be destroyed.

“I did not know anything about that and I can’t believe they have destroyed my car. I love supercars and have owned a number of them and loved this car. I bought it to do it up as a hobby and when I finished it was worth more than £200,000,” said Zahid Khan in an interview. The 31-year-old is now planning on taking legal action after obtaining footage from the police.


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