Ferrari says it will build all-electric supercars to compete with Tesla

After back-peddling on its previous stand to never build an SUV, the iconic Italian carmaker Ferrari has now also changed its views on EVs. In fact, at the Detroit Motor Show, Ferrari boss Sergio Marchionne gave a hint about the company’s future plans to make electric supercars. Talking to the reporters at the show, the Ferrari CEO, who also heads Fiat-Chrysler, said that whatever Tesla has done with high-end electrics can be done by others in the industry. Marchionne once called the idea of a fully electric Ferrari “almost an obscene concept.” However, Ferrari, like all other big automakers, has no other option but to change with the times.

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LaFerrari was the first ever hybrid by the Italian brand and Marchionne, in 2016, vowed to make its entire models hybrid in some way by 2019. But fully electric vehicles are the completely different bread of automobiles. Ferrari didn’t announce any details about its future EV or give us with a timeframe. Ferrari is not the only big auto company that has plans to introduce electric sports cars. Porsche, Aston Martin and Volkswagen are already working on their fully electric supercars. And then there is the second generation Tesla Roadster, showcased last year in its concept form, which broke the internet with its crazy zero to 60mph time of 1.9 seconds.

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