Ferrari’s dazzling leather pumps will make a petrolhead ditch her Louboutins

Someone sassy said, ‘Keep your heels and standards high.’ We say while you are at it, why not keep them ultra-stylish and unique too? The world accepted Balenciaga’s heeled crocs, which were not exactly a pretty sight if we are being honest here but were still in demand for their sheer boldness. Compared to the Balenciaga heeled clogs, Ferrari’s latest offering, Women’s leather pumps in a laminate-like finish are pretty dreamy! It is something that would make Dorothy ditch her red glitter shoes from the Wizard of Oz. the Ferrari pumps with their sleek feminine silhouette would make a petrol head gal gladly switch her loyalty from Louboutins for this.

The designers deserve a pat on the back to make the accessory look car-like without stealing its delicacy. This transition from fast red cars to ravishing red heels doesnt hit me as unexpected. After all, the Italian family that owns Ferrari bought a $624 million stake in French luxury shoemaker Christian Louboutin earlier this year. It was only a matter of time they dished out something like this. The striking high heel boasts a square toe and side cut-outs, and a black lug sole. The laminate-like effect on the beautiful red hue of the pumps makes it incredibly eye-catching, much like its counterpart-on-wheels! The vibrant visual of the red hue is joined by a contrasting grosgrain ribbon loop at the heel.

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If you have revered and craved Ferrari’s for the love of logos, then the Ruthenium-finish Prancing Horse also appears at the heel’s back. The attractive Ferrari pumps are made in Italy out of 100% Calfskin and flaunt a 4.7″ heel. They come packed in an exclusive custom drawstring bag kept in the iconic Ferrari Store bag. For $740, you can get hearts racing without turning on the ignition!

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[Available at: Ferrari Store]

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