We rode a $18,000 Lamborghini E-Bike and it has changed our perception of bicycles forever

Cycling purists have long looked down upon electric bikes with disdain. They’ve been the familiar victims of misattributed blame because when you come to think of it, they come with a purpose that they hardly fail. The blame lies with the ones who have repurposed pedal bicycles into e-bikes. The results are quite dismal and have created a misinformed reputation for these handy daily companions. Lamborghini, one of the world’s most reputed performance automobile manufacturers has forayed into the territory of E-Bikes in 2018, with their stunning new offerings that can dispel the myths behind electric bikes. These are manufactured with the intention of being E-Bikes, which makes them look neat and well-planned, rather than repurposed. We were delighted to receive the invitation from Newport Lamborghini to try these exclusive, futuristic machines, which had only 100 units manufactured.

Their bikes are designed and made in Italy and are the only ones that house the electric motor in an automobile racing-styled gearbox. A convenient button on the handlebar allows the rider to switch between gears, which are quick and highly responsive. What’s excellent about this feature is that the gearbox can be shifted, even under the duress of full loads. It’s so smooth that one can hardly tell when the gear is shifted.

The great looks are intended to extend the premium feel, something that Lamborghini has maintained across all their products. The seat bears an indented Lamborghini logo and being a limited batch, you can have a personalized tag with your name engraved in it. It comes in all the renowned Lamborghini colors and has a useful ‘Ad Personam’ program that helps you pick from your preferred options. Since all the bikes sport the legendary Lamborghini car colors, there’s no double-guessing on how cool they look.

Just like its cars, the bikes never fail to get attention.

The screen displays all the vital information of the bike.

The intelligent design ensures that the center of mass is around the middle of the bike. Riders can access information like gear selection, speed details, battery charge, as well as trip details over a 3.5-inch display on the handlebar. The bikes are easy to ride and kind to your knees, especially if you’re going the distance or on a tedious daily work commute.

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If you’re new to the world of electric bikes, you would have to bid adieu to derailleur and sprockets and immerse yourself in a less cumbersome riding experience. The bike is available in off-road (CROSSER) and road-bike (SPORTER) configurations. CROSSER sports a front shock and offers better ground clearance like its MTB ancestors. The bike is durable and great to ride in unfair weather since all the electronics are safely concealed away in the water-proof mono arm. The wheels can be easily changed and exchanged with the optional ones, making it easy to switch from an MTB to a road bike tire quickly – every cyclist’s fantasy come true.

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The bikes have ‘assist modes’ to help riders select the resistance they need. There are four modes that can be selected. You can turn the modes off if you choose to walk with your bike. The bikes leverage US regulations well and make use of the 500-Watt charging abilities, as well as the 20mph, assisted speed. The battery takes around five hours to charge from 0-100%. The charger of the bike is usable in both, the US and Europe. Depending on the terrain and weather, you can enjoy up to 60 miles per charge of the E-Bike. Factors such as riding style and tire pressure are instrumental in deciding this distance as well.

The bikes are secure as well. It can be locked in neutral and can be unlocked with the help of a 4-digit PIN entered on the display. The rear wheel and battery can be removed and secured using a physical key. The Lamborghini E-Bike doesn’t require you to own a license to drive it around as it is classified as a class one e-bike. Since it costs $18,000, shipping and assembly are part of the package. It’s a fantastic buy for cyclists who could use a little help on the pedal, especially when dealing with sharp inclines and fatigue.

A special thanks to Lamborghini Newport and Exact Motorsport.
Images and inputs by Niral Vasa – Based in LA, Niral is a tech and auto enthusiast.

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