When a Bugatti is too mainstream – An F-16 fighter jet is on sale for $8.5 million

There’s no doubt that you’re cool if you have $8.5 million to go shopping with. To top the awesome fact that you are rich, you can become uber-cool by buying An F16 Fighter Jet. A Florida company is offering a truly unique used aircraft for sale: an F-16 Fighting Falcon fighter jet. This F-16 fighter jet is manufactured in 1980 with 6,000 flight hours. The coolest part about this combat aircraft is that it is ‘fully functional’ and can hit a top speed of 1,357 mph at 40,000 feet. Agreed it isn’t the newest toy to own but it still has a max range of 2,400 miles and an initial climb rate of 62,000 feet per minute and remains militarized. It was flown by the Americans during Operation Desert Storm in 1991. The -16 fighter jet is stripped of its 20-millimetre M61 Gatling gun, so there’s no chance of any prospective buyer going full war machine. Yes, the weapons are gone, but the jet does come with a number of other cool and modern upgrades that’s going to keep its coolness intact. The jet is integrated for the Link 16 data network and fitted with Joint Helmet Mounted/Cueing System (JHMCS) as well as night-vision compatible helmets.

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It’s important to know that the owner of the F-16 is required to comply with the International Traffic In Arms Regulations (ITARS). Also, it takes hours of work to get the jet ready to fly, with fuel costing as much as a couple of thousand dollars per hour so that is $8.5 million and many pluses attached. You better be stinking rich if this is making its way on your shopping list.

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