World’s largest solar powered catamaran worth $24million unveiled

The Swiss really seem to love their planet and are out there to tell the world that pollution free technology is not a mere experiment, or a lab test but a very relevant and workable technology. That explains the solar powered boat “PlanerSolar”. This sea skipper can ride the high seas at top speeds of around 15 knots that too with 50 people on board! Costing a whopping $24million this 31meter long and 15meter wide white catamaran has 5,380 square feet top covered with black solar panels, and has the bright white cockpit in the centre.

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This Swiss vessel has been constructed at the Knierim Yacht Club in Kiel in Germany, and the 2-crew 60-ton ship will be on voyage as close as possible to the Equator since is powered by solar energy. The vessel will go on a 40,000-kilometre journey for around 140 days on an average speed of eight knots.
Via – [Greenlaunches]

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