$150,000 for a seat, the new Four Seasons private jet comes with a bar and an onboard chef

When I heard that luxury hotel chain Four Seasons is upgrading its private jet service, I really wondered what more could it add to its roster of impressive amenities. The long-haul Airbus A321LR aircraft is slated for a 2021 delivery and will revolutionise the way millionaires and billionaires of the world travel.

From lacing the interiors with hand-crafted leather seats to in-flight workshops and on-board executive chefs, the Four Seasons private jet is set to reignite the spark in chartered flights across the world.

I have swiftly concluded that the current Four Seasons private jet, a Boeing 757, is insufficient to meet the requirements of wealthy globe-trotters; after all, the new jet will not entail a spacious new lounge area but guests can indulge in interactive workshops with the likes of master chefs, cocktail makers, wellness experts and arts and culture aficionados all at 33,000 feet.

The 48 passengers onboard will be pampered in seats designed by Optimares and Italian producer Poltrona Frau. Yes indeed, the on-board bathrooms are being revamped to curate a more comfort-driven restroom, reflecting a more residential style.

Menus onboard will be crafted carefully in sync with the on-board Four Seasons executive chef. The executive chef will be joined by a concierge, director of guest experience, a physician and Four Seasons trained in-flight crew.

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