50 resorts, 22 islands, golf courses and more – MBS the crown prince of Saudi Arabia is building a humongous eco-friendly luxury destination and it will be his gift to the world of wanderlust

Saudi Arabia is one of the most magical locations in the world, and the one person who knows this all too well is Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. He is giving the world a chance to experience Saudi Arabia in its most dedicated element by launching Coral Bloom, an ambitious Red Sea Development project. British architects Foster + Partners have been roped in to design the sustainable project flanked with ample natural environment, mangroves, and wildlife. It’s becoming obvious that Saudi Arabia looks determined to present itself as ‘the tourist destination’ of the future. The superlative subterranean resort and hotel below the Al-Ula desert is a testament to that followed by the visionary Coral Bloom plan will protect and enhance Shurayrah’s pristine natural state. The project will be developed by Red Sea Development and aims to achieve a 30 percent net conservation benefit by 2040. Take a look at the gallery below to fathom the wondrous human-made grandeur that is the dolphin-shaped Shurayrah Island:

The Red Sea Project uses more than 28,000 square kilometers of pristine land and water along Saudi Arabia’s west coast and includes a vast archipelago of more than 90 new islands.

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The pristine Shurayrah Island will be home to “Coral Bloom” and serve as the project’s hub island. It will offer nine spectacular experiences to guests like Dunes, The Trail, The Coves, Coral Pavilion, Reef Villas, Nature Reserve, The Club, Golf Course, and Luxury Village.

Guests will enjoy uninterrupted views of the unique location, thanks to the absence of high-rise buildings. A total of 11 hotels run by some of the most distinguished hotel brands in the world will be built on Shurayrah.

The hotel is well designed, taking inspiration from the natural fauna and flora of Saudi Arabia. All resorts will be created using lightweight materials with a low thermal mass and manufactured offsite, meaning more energy-efficient construction and less impact on the environment.

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Gerard Evenden, Head of Studio at Foster + Partners, says, “Our vision for Shurayrah is inspired by the island’s natural state, with the hotels designed to give the impression that they have washed up on the beaches and nestled among the dunes almost like driftwood.”

Finally, The Red Sea Project will comprise 50 resorts, offering up to 8,000 hotel rooms and around 1,300 residential properties across 22 islands and six inland sites.

The spectacular tourist destination-of-dreams will open its gates by the end of 2022. This will coincide with the opening of the international airport and the first four hotels. The remaining 12 hotels planned in phase one will open in 2023.

[Via: The National News]

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