A luxury RV of your dreams – It comes with a helicopter, hot tub, wine fridge and a lot more

The words Luxury and RV are not often seen side by side. RV’s usually bring to mind images of noisy family vacations and cramped living quarters. However Furrion’s Elysium is a far cry from that mental image. The 45 ft RV features Furrion’s HDTVs, Kitchen appliances, Audio, guidance and Observation products inside and comes complete with a rooftop deck and a hot tub.

The luxury home on wheels is fitted with three 75′ HDTVs, infotainment systems, cameras, a fireplace, a full kitchen with induction cooktop, convection microwave, dishwasher, refrigerator, oven and even a wine fridge.

Technology follows you into the shower with smart a toilet and smart shower.

The upper deck is a perfect party spot with its entertainment area, hot tub and helicopter landing area which is home to the Robinson R22 helicopter.

The Elysium RV features the latest in automation, observation and navigation technology, this is absolutely not your average RV!


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