According to Google these are the most searched hotel destinations in the world

‘I don’t like holidays’ said no one ever! Even the most driven and ambitious of the lot are sure to love a good getaway and this stands true for everyone across the globe! You could be residing in Europe’s stunning locales or by the pristine blue tropics on the opposite end, but if there’s one thing for certain – each one of us have googled, searched and probably zeroed in on our favorite holiday destination on the planet already!

Making use of this very data and presenting us with a comprehensive list is TravelSupermarket- a travel website that recently unveiled details on the most searched holiday destinations across the globe! While there are several obvious names on the list, Italy unsurprisingly stands numero uno as the most googled place in the world. Home to the wonders of Rome, the Amalfi coast and a stunning fleet of sight-seeing destinations, the southern European country takes top spot with a total of 226,860 monthly searches.

Next in line is Spain with 229,470 searches and the highest number of monthly searches across 54 countries. With beautiful sunny beaches and eclectic backdrops, it also makes for the most searched for holiday destination in the UK. Third on the list is Greece with 136,540 searches and title for the most googled destination across seven countries. In total the survey present results from across 97 countries and they are now out there for all to see! So, where are you headed next?


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