An ideal spot for those who miss flying – Thai Airways has opened an airplane-themed café

If you’re missing the aircraft experience, Thai Airlines has got you covered! While travel may not be the wisest pursuit amid the pandemic, those missing flights can now sit inside an airplane themed café and sip a cup of coffee! Yes, that’s right!

Located at the headquarters of Thai Airways, a restaurant cum café is welcoming guests to a completely unique dining experience. It consists of economy and business class seats along with a lounge with bean bags. Complete with model airplanes and aviation-themed art, the décor consists of tables and chairs that ape those inside an actual aircraft which makes things all the more interesting!

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Guests can further access the café via air stairs, similar to what you’d find at an airport, and even receive an electronic boarding pass as a souvenir. Intrawut Simapichet, a visitor at the café said, “Normally I’m a person who travels very often, and when we are forced to stay at home … it’s kind of depressing.The cafe] relieves what’s missing.”

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In addition to the new venture by Thai Airways, a similar plane café has also been opened in the coastal city of Pattaya, named Coffee War. Well, if you’re in Thailand and are waiting to hop on a plane, consider having a cuppa at one of its delightful plane cafes instead!

[Via: SCMP]

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