An Insider’s guide – Things to do in Mumbai

A treasure chest of art deco and grand colonial relics, cacophonic temples, warrens of bazaars and the odd spiritual bastion of tranquility, Mumbai continues to fascinate every individual across the globe. Not only is it the country’s financial powerhouse but also the centre of fashion and film. The tall and glistening skyscrapers leave you awestruck while the coincidental celeb sighting leaves you wanting more of the Bollywood starlets. A perfect destination for retail therapy, one can also dine at some of the finest restaurants in the country and work off the appetite gyrating at ultrachic bars. Luxurylaunches along with the Concierge team at The Taj Mahal Palace helps you in unraveling the secrets of Mumbai!

Top day trip – Visit to Mumbai’s Bazaar –
Vibrant colors and multitudes of people found in the narrow lanes, bargaining for merchandize sums up an experience to remember at Mumbai’s bazaar. Explore hidden boutiques offering an array of retail delights amidst the chaos that oozes out of the nook and corner of the city. Discover food stalls serving the most delicious delights as you get familiar with the streets. Its hard to miss the energy and vibe these markets exhibit. Participate in the liveliness of the bazaar as you find yourself the best items at an immensely good deals.
An Architecture Walk around the Fort Heritage Precinct –
Take a stroll down the memory lane and discover the best kept stories through the architecture walk at the Fort Heritage Precinct. See the characters of history brought to life as you get privy to fascinating stories and anecdotes.
Must try dish – Akuri on Toast at a Parsi Restaurant
A traditional Parsi dish, Akuri is a dish consisting of scrambled eggs, spiced with flavours of ginger, coriander, chopped chilies and black pepper. Pasty scrambled eggs in roasted masala leaves you wanting for more.

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Best activity / Excursion – An adventure Guided Tour on a Bicycle or Motorcycle
The hustle and bustle of the maximum city can want you craving for more experiences. Hop on a bike and scout through the exteriors of Mumbai. Every corner has a story to tell. Learn more about this city while ensuring a memorable experience to remember.

Trip to Elephanta Island
Located in the middle of Mumbai Harbour, the rock cut temples on Elephanta Island are a spectacle worth crossing the blue waters for. Walk your way to the foot of the hill where the celebrated caves lie. Elephanta Island or the temples of Gharapuri are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Showcasing India’s most impressive carving, the labyrinth of the caves is intriguing till the very end.
Best View_the Taj Mahal Palace
Best view –
On the first floor of the Palace Wing, Sea lounge offers old colonial charm with art deco furniture and live Piano music enhanced by its spectacular view of the Arabian Sea. Enjoy a quiet glass of Champagne as you watch the sun simmering over the blue sea. Lose yourself to the expanse of beauty and watch the lights from the moving ships on the harbor in the evening. The harbor view encapsulates the tranquil sea with a backdrop of mountains from a distance. Rejuvenate your senses and get lulled by the sounds of the sea.
Best one stop shop – The Bombay Store – The most preferred lifestyle store, The Bombay Store helps the guests discover the many facets to the city through an innovative range of products that reflect a blend of contemporary and traditional India.
Best local secret – Mutton Street: Not only is it popular for the antique collections but also it is a home to Bollywood bazaars such as the A1 Posters store that exhibits an assortment of old Hindi movie posters, vinyl records and lobby cards of Hollywood movies among other things.

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Best place for local shopping
The ‘City of Dreams’ is home to numerous stores and boutiques starting from the streets to the high ended malls. One of the largest flea markets in India, Chor Bazaar is situated in the south of Mumbai. Stolen goods have found its way to the markets and collectively are called as the Chor Bazaar. The shops are open from 11.00 AM to 7.30 PM. The market is a perfect destination for you to buy all types of goods ranging from Victorian furniture to artefacts, fashion to electronics and movie posters to artificial jewellery. Truly a shopper’s utopia, one will discover varied items at throw away prices. One of the oldest markets in the city, Chor Bazaar definitely makes for a tourist attraction with a fascinating history.
Best family activity
A visit to Mumbai’s oldest museum – Bhau daji Lad , a beautifully restored Art Museum which depicts life of Mumbai from the bygone years. One of the important historical sites in the country, it is the first colonial building to be built with the intention of housing a museum. Exhibiting the country’s rich cultural traditions at Mumbai, the museum captivates your attention the minute you set foot in. A storehouse of Mumbai’s arts and communities, the palladium building with high interiors lies in the heart of the city surrounded by city’s botanical garden and zoo.

The Taj Mahal Palace hotel, Mumbai, India.
The Taj Mahal Palace hotel, Mumbai, India.
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