Michael Schumacher World Tower to come up in New Delhi, India

Architecture firm Homestead who are constructing the Michael Schumacher World Tower believes that architecture comes from the personification of one’s beliefs and thoughts. The MSWT, as it is called, will be a harmonious design to New Delhi’s impending skyline. For starters, the tower is wrapped with a ribbon that signifies Schumacher’s numerous wins at the Grand Prix, followed on by a one-of-a-kind design for the helipad. Never seen in India before, this helipad is cantilevered, giving it, almost, a sense of floating in the air. The design of the building itself is exquisite.

Just by walking into the building, you would get a glimpse of how sophisticated the architecture is. A controlled but naturally lit lobby, along with the curved internal façade and custom stainless furniture, creates an aura of a legendary spectacle. The enormous 4 or 5 bedroom apartments will be a witness to your taste in style and frill. Rising above the skyline next to the international airport in New Delhi, the apartments will offer panoramic views of the skyline with their enormous ceiling to floor windows. Tailor-made to offer nothing but superfluity, the apartments are furnished to the highest standards, with lavish penthouses offering extraordinary settings for private events, intimate gatherings, or quality family time.
With an observation deck that rises to 200 feet, you can get impeccable views of the neighboring Gurgaon city and with glass panels and classic steel finishing, the
Deck is an eclectic hub of activity and socializing. Fine living at the apartment is complimented with a spa that offers traditional healing treatments and impeccable fitness centers. All this with a Michael Schumacher museum chronicling the career of one of the greatest racecar drivers in the world is truly a place built for the sumptuous.

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