Swaramadhuri – A limited edition silk sari fitted with an iPod and speakers

If you like the traditional Indian silk saris and you like enjoying music on the go, here’s something that can help you combine those two particular interests. Check out ‘Swaramadhuri,’ a ‘singing’ silk sari which has eight micro-speakers tucked in its border that has the capacity to play 200 songs for four hours at a stretch thanks to an iPod hidden in the pallu of the sari!
[Image for representational purpose only]

In an effort that spanned two months, the designer P Mohan has used a 2-GB memory chip to support the iPod. He has earlier created ‘the lighting sari,’ which has small LED bulbs, and the ‘Sandalwood sari’ using pure sandalwood. That is what I call modern style-traditional wear!

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