A sound system inspired by the insane Lamborghini Aventador

While its a difficult task to pinpoint what one likes in a Lamborghini. The sharp design angles, the visceral exhaust note, the handling, the adrenaline-filled ride, for any auto aficionado the list is just endless. For the less fortunate, and by that I mean those of us who can’t afford a $200k Aventador parked in their garage for them there is the Ixoost Esavox Lamborghini Speaker System. Inspired by the company’s flagship the ‘Aventador’, this speaker system is crafted from a carbon monocoque chassis, housed inside are two 8 inch carbon woofers on either side, dual 1-inch tweeters on the exhaust pipes, and at the center is a massive 15-inch neodymium subwoofer which ousts an additional 200 watts of sound, pegging the total output of this system to 800 watts.

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Like its four-wheeled sibling, this is also a sure shot head turner and destined to be the heart of any party its proud owner throws. The speaker connects via Bluetooth to any supporting device and also sports an RCA input for those going old school. With its price of $21,000, you could get a medium-sized Bang & Olufsen home theater system, but then again it’s a Lamborghini.
Like with any Lamborghini car this has the insignia Start-Stop button.

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[Available at : Ixoost Via:Designboom]

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