Take your interiors to the next level with the Lamborghini x Zambaiti Parati luxe wallpapers

Last month we shared an article about a 3-mile wall between the US and Mexico and dubbed it ‘The Lamborghini of walls’ as it took $30 million to build. Little did we know that we would come across Lamborghini literally on the walls? Collaboration between Automobili Lamborghini and Zambaiti Parati has ignited the world of interior design with modern, eye-catching luxury wallpapers. Lamborghini’s superior engineering is witnessed in the thought-provoking techniques and innovative materials to create attractive embossed wallpapers. These wallpapers will inevitably brighten any room with striking digital panels featuring Zambaiti Parati’s signature 3D tactile effects.

This element of three-dimensionality echoes the movement of a lightning-fast sports car like a Lamborghini. Rich hues add to the charismatic effect of the design using trending colors like gray combined with an influx of deep greens and rich copper accents. the Zambaiti Parati creative team mentioned, For the development of the collection, we immersed ourselves as much as possible in the vibrant and luxurious vibe that distinguishes the Lamborghini automobiles.”

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They continued, “We took inspiration from their lines and materials and colors, working in continuous dialogue with the team of the automotive company. This collaboration has led to an innovative product in the interior design world, with a strong sense of modernity, dynamism, and three-dimensionality.” The 2021 collaboration from Lamborghini and Zambaiti Parati is a stunning and evocative take on the distinctive look of the brands and reverberates the “Made in Italy” ethos.

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