Bentley opens a luxurious chalet in Austria and yes you can book a stay in it

There are certain places to drive your gorgeous Bentley to, and this mountain lodge is certainly one of them. The British luxury automaker recently threw open the doors of its first mountain lodge, a place that’s just as exquisite as the cars the company makes. Located in Kitzbühel, Austria, this mountain lodge is exclusively for European dealers and a selected group of VIPs and local residents. The lodge is a luxuriously furnished chalet that customers and brand loyalists can book for private getaways. Surrounded by picturesque mountain peaks and offering breath-taking views of the surroundings, this Alpine lodge is full-serviced.

Bentley mountain lodge in Kitzbuhel
Quoting Robert Engstler, Regional Director Europe at Bentley Motors, in a press release on the Bentley website, ‘The Bentley Lodge Kitzbühel has everything to become a class-of-its-own destination. One of the latest Bentley models will be available at all times for the guests and we are glad to offer various bespoke experiences such as fishing, hunting, horseback riding, skiing, tennis, golf and spa treatments.’ Those familiar with the Bentley brand will quickly see the design cues taken from the interiors of Bentley cars. Using Tyrolean stone pine wood, oodles of leather and metals for the interiors, the designers have managed to create a blend between traditional and modernist designs, with regional influences.
Bentley mountain lodge in Kitzbuhel (2)

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Sandra Zanetti and Robert Engstler at Bentley Lodge Kitzbuhel

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