Cattle class no more – In a world’s first Air New Zealand has introduced ‘sleep pods’ for economy class passengers to rest for four hours at a time.

Via - Air New Zealand.

Understanding the importance of rest, respite, and forty winks, Air New Zealand has a new plan starring a new Business Premier Luxe suite, a new Business Premier seat, and for the first time, bunk bed-style sleeping pods, aka Skynest. What looks like a flying train complete with resting pods is Air New Zealand’s new Dreamliners that will make even flying economy a dream that allows economy flyers to lay flat on their journey. The Economy Skynest will offer six sleep pods for passengers, obviously at a premium for some comfortable shut-eye on an Air NZ Dreamliner. Of course, this can’t be compared to business-class comfort, as economy passengers can book four-hour slots on long-haul flights.

Via – Air New Zealand.

Some rules are in place, such as flyers can only book the bed once. The courteous crew maintains hygiene by changing the sheets before the next steps in. These pods may not take care of you throughout the journey, but while you’re tucked in, they will offer privacy owing to a curtain, USB charging, and ventilation outlets. Air New Zealand Chief Executive Officer Greg Foran stated, ‘New Zealand’s location puts us in a unique position to lead on the ultra-long haul travel experience. We have zeroed in on sleep, comfort, and wellness because we know how important it is for our customers to arrive well-rested,”.

Via – Air New Zealand.

‘Whether they are heading straight into a meeting, or to their first holiday hotspot – they want to hit the ground running. It’s a proud moment to finally unveil five years of hard mahi, in what truly is a cabin of possibility. We wanted to offer our economy customers a lie-flat option and that’s how Skynest was born. It’s going to be a real game changer for the economy travel experience.’ Now all one needs is for it to be 2024!

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