Complete with Private sleeping pods, power reclining seats, folding table, and more – This is Japan’s ultra-luxurious overnight bus and it is as comfortable as the business class cabin of an aircraft

Wait, what? Is that a sleeping pod in a bus? We truly haven’t seen anything like this before and are almost certain neither have you. Luxurious seating arrangements are commonplace in airlines, but the same cannot be said about road travel and even lesser when it comes to buses. However, Tokyo-based overnight bus operator Willer Express is changing that notion by pumping your bus rides with oodles of comfort as you travel in comfort from Tokyo to Kyoto. The ultra-classy overnight bus sleeping pod ensures smooth travels and that you sleep like a log:

That is what a luxe sleeping pod in the fantastic ReBorn buses looks like. Much like a business class seat, these seats are well-designed, keeping ergonomics in mind. It comes with armrests, reclining backrests, a soft headrest, and a section to store essentials like smartphones or books.

Who doesn’t like an overnight journey that allows you to stretch your legs completely? Overnight trips have been wonderfully simplified thanks to the refurbished sleeping seats that come with power reclining and, more importantly, footrest functions.

Talking of all the additions that make your journey a breeze, the ReBorn buses come with a table that folds out of the seat in front of you. It also houses in its compact space an electrical outlet to keep your electronic devices charged, and a drink holder mounted to the wall of your pod.

The ReBorn fares between Tokyo and Kyoto, and Osaka, or Kobe, are very economical at $63. Its overnight journeys help you save some bucks by avoiding a hotel stay and sleeping en route in the comfiest way possible. The bus even offers space to store your luggage.

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