Dubai becomes first to open a sail-thru supermarket

If something out of the ordinary has to happen, Dubai would be one of the first. The weather in this little Arab city is terrific these days, winters being everyone’s favorites, both residents and visitors. One particular retail and leisure company from the MENA region has come up with an idea to cater to beach lovers of Dubai with an option to enjoy the sun, sand, sea and some snacks. Carrefour Bites and More by the Shore is an Aqua Pod where you can go sail by and collect food and personal care products, as well as over-the-counter drugs while on water. These Pods are anchored in the ocean and welcome sea vessels to come over and make purchases. Those in smaller vessels, that is. For those with bigger yachts or boats can call in and will have their order delivered by the Pod team.

Claiming to be the first sail-thru market in the world (but, of course), the Pod is also quite eco-friendly. In Dubai standards, that would mean that you can get a packet of water served in a recycled container. But seriously, they use rechargeable batteries to sail into the sea and get back and features a bin that uses vacuum any trash that is stored and emptied on shore. You will even get the option to buy a big coke bottle and consume it in biodegradable paper straws and bags. So, next time you plan a trip to Dubai, preferably when the weather is permitting, this might be worth a try.

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