Emirates Palace: $1 million a week

In an attempt to be the costliest one-week hotel stay in the world the Emirates Palace is offering a host of unbelievable treats with their weeklong package. It includes luxurious first-class airline tickets, trips all around the place in a chauffeur-driven Maybach, a personal butler to serve you, a treat at the spa, and day trips all around the place in a cool private jet. The Emirates Palace is a hotel located in Abu Dhabi and has come forth with this insanely luxurious package with just one goal in mind: bag the Guinness record for being the costliest hotel in the world. Some part of the proceeds will also be donated to charity.

If you wonder what the trips in the jet mean then here’s something that will make you want to take it. One’s a flight to Iran (to try a hand on some carpet weaving) and the other trip will see you off to Bahrain for some pearl scouting. Remember, the weeklong stay will cost $1,000,000.

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