Etihad Airways unveils a customized sleep program with bespoke bedding to woo the first class passenger

If the Four Seasons Vancouver unveiled a new sleep experience, then giving it tough airborne competition is Etihad Airways. The airline’s first class already recognized among the ten best first class cabins to fly in has now instated a customized sleep program. So say hello to all natural bedding and goodbye to counting sheep on long haul.

Launching an exciting new program to improve sleep quality on its long-haul flights for its Diamond First Class passengers, Etihad Airways attempts to do what no airline has. But the airline and a panel of sleep experts from the American Centre for Psychiatry and Neurology (ACPN) in Abu Dhabi aren’t the only ones making this improvement possible.

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A core part of Etihad Airways’ sleep initiative is the introduction of luxury all natural bedding by COCO-MAT. Widely considered the world’s leading manufacturer of sustainably sourced sleep products, Athens-based COCO-MAT has created exclusive multi-layered sleep system mattress for Etihad Airways’ Diamond First Class.

Made from extracts of the Hevea tree, the unique mattress provides a perfect ventilation system, which enables the material to breathe and regulate body temperature. And features a new bedding set with 100 per cent cotton fitted sheet and a large down feather duvet and pillow, thus, making Etihad Airways the only airline in the world to deliver this bespoke product.

But this achievement aside, the airline will also offer fine cotton Heather Grey sleepsuits besides mood lighting, nose cancellation headphones, pillow mist, pulse point oil and a selection of Bergamote 22 toiletries by New York brand, Le Labo as part of its First Class sleep amenities to enhance the sleep experience by focusing on the senses of touch, sight, sound, aroma and taste.

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Wait, did I say taste? That’s probably because Etihad will also become home to comforts such as a sleep-time beverage service including hot chocolate and herbal teas for all its three classes. In Diamond First Class, sleep-inducing chamomile tea and a range of malt drinks will be added to the already extensive drinks list to further enhance the sleep experience.

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