Experience Latin America in a private jet with The Four Seasons

The Four Seasons hotels have revealed the follow up to the three Private Jet itineraries they announced in October. The latest itinerary is called “Latin Escape” and takes guests south of the border on a 16 day adventure across destinations like Miami, Costa Rica, Buenos Aires, Bogotá and the Galápagos Islands. As with other similar trips offered by the company, every detail is planned by the Four Seasons, from meals to transport and accommodations, however, they promise personalized service tailored to suit each guest.

“Each year, we expand our Private Jet offerings, pushing the boundaries of curated travel and bringing together like-minded adventurers with a desire to explore the world. Our new itinerary offering, Latin Escape, was devised in response to increased interest in the Four Seasons Private Jet program by a wide range of travelers, some of whom are looking for a shorter travel experience while still in the comfort and care of Four Seasons. Our tailor-made itineraries highlight the unique character of each destination, creating truly personalized and exclusive experiences alongside the comforts of legendary Four Seasons service,” said J. Allen Smith, President and CEO, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts.

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Views of Yangon

Latin Escape begins in fiery Miami where the dinner venue is the Versace Mansion, famed for its secret passages, celebrity guests and gold-plated mosaic tile pool. The next stop is Costa Rica where a zip lining session awaits.

In Buenos Aires there’s plenty to do from exploring waterfalls, to visiting ranches and concert halls. Then comes Bogotá where guests can take a private salsa lesson, and sip cocktails at the Museo del Oro (Museum of Gold).

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The last stop before returning to Miami are the Galápagos Islands, where guests can snorkel, swim and paddle through crystal-clear waters abundant with local marine life.

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