First gold-vending machine comes to Britain

Till now only Abu Dhabi, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and US could boast of gold-vending machines. But with the economy springing back in action in almost every corner of the globe, it is time for Britain also to announce their first gold-vending machine. Westfield Shopping Centre in west London is the chosen location to unveil the region’s first ‘Gold to go’ vending machine. And just like other vending machines, shoppers will have an array of options to grab from. Folks with lighter pockets can opt for a 1g coin valued at about £40 ($64). Someone dear can be gifted the 2.5g ingot engraved with London landmarks for £100 ($160). And of course the deep-pocketed shoppers can fetch the 250g bar for £10,250 ($16,500).

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With so much bling and money associated to the machine, one would expect heavy security around it. But the makers have fitted it with reinforced steel and a state-of-the-art alarm system to make it impossible for keen crooks to lay their hand on the gold. Also shoppers who are eager to spend more the £2,500 ($4,000) will have to scan their passport for upgraded security reasons.

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