Forget sports bars, rich football fans in Dubai are hiring $20,000 a night luxury yachts with Michelin chefs to watch the Qatar World Cup in the high seas.

It’s something else to watch a football match live. And while a television screening cannot beat it, taking it up a notch is this fanatic clan of footsie lovers. We’re talking about a bunch who recently hired a superyacht in Dubai to watch the upcoming world cup for a whopping $20,000 per night. Yes, that’s right!

They intend to watch the game on huge screens while also enjoying a lavish spread of food and drinks. And this group isn’t the only one to have shown an interest in turning live screenings into massive experiences.

According to UAE’s biggest private yacht charter, Xclusive Yachts, there has been a surge in hiring out its fleet of 70 yachts – all for experiencing the world’s greatest football tournament in luxury. Commenting on it, the marquee’s managing director, Amit Patel, in a statement to Al Arabia English said:

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“We are expecting a more than 300 percent in yacht bookings in November and December mainly due to visitors for the World Cup and Qatar who are also looking for leisure activities in Dubai. We expect a huge influx of tourists who are coming from all around the world from different geographies and different demographics. We have gotten a lot of requests to watch football on board.”

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In addition to yachts, fans are also looking to book hotels and restaurants to elevate their football-watching experience. Monther Darwish, managing director of Dubai’s five-star luxury Palazzo Versace says that he expects his 215-room hotel to be fully booked from October to December. Further, many are also planning to fly out to see all the action in person.
Let’s just say – the football fever is officially on!

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