For James Bond fans – Ian Fleming’s luxurious Jamaican villa is available on rent for $7,300 a night

What would you give to be like James Bond? Well, to be honest, all the money in the world can’t buy you his looks, panache, and style that also rules out the sizzling Bond Girls who were clearly swooning over him for the qualities that money can’t buy. So what we are left with is the luxuries, the very buyable, the very livable and enjoyable luxuries right out of a James Bond movie. You can live like James Bond in Ian Fleming’s former Jamaican beachfront Fleming Villa on the GoldenEye Resort. The five-bedroom villa comes with a private butler, personal chef, and its own outdoor pool. Guests can enjoy the Bond treatment not just by how luxe this house is but also because with its gorgeous interiors and exteriors come access to a private butler and chef, as well as a housekeeping team on hand to ensure you don’t lift a finger. Airbnb describes the villa listed as part of their “Luxe” service to mark the 25th installment of the “007” franchise as boho-chic and very light and airy. Make most of your stay here either by lazing in a hammock slung between the trees, or float across the lagoon-like shallows of the swimming pool.

For the outdoorsy spirit, there’s a Swimming pool outside and a chance to have a fun afternoon spent with 12 people hosting a charcoal barbecue, while enjoying, a hot tub, and sun loungers. Talking about the bedrooms, each one has its own ensuite bathroom, and its own media room has thrown in as well as a TV, DVD player, Apple TV, and sound system for guests to use. When you want to have so much fun with your clique it’s definitely going to be a bit steep. It’s certainly not cheap for £5,961 ($7340) a night but then James Bond never settled for cheap and nor should you.

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