Harrods Christmas collection opens up with a life-size Santa Claus

Its time to make up your Christmas wish list! And if you don’t know what you want, you can always take a stroll around Harrods. The mega store has just opened an in-store section called the Christmas World that will sprawl across 8,000 square feet of festivities. Now what can you expect there? Right from tree decorations, priced at £195 ($315) you can get your hands on a life sized Father Christmas for a cool £2,999 ($4,880).

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The installation will give you stress-free Christmas shopping as you have a 150 day head start before the festive season starts. If you decide to shop over the internet instead, you can get yourself Freddie, the Harrods Christmas bear, apart from a whole lot of decorations and trinkets. And when you get tired from all that shopping, just head over to the newly opened Harrods Ice Cream Parlor that is located on the second floor. For the first time there will be an ice-rink on the roof too.

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